Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels

My adventure began late 2019. We were off to a great start and I was really enjoying life out on the road. It was agreed we would return home to spend the holidays with family. It was supposed to be a short layover prior to heading down to explore the south over winter. Little did we know this holiday visit was going to last for more than one year. As the calendar rolled over into 2020 and Covid-19 reared its ugly head, it was apparent we weren’t going to depart when we had intended to. We pushed our departure date off for 6 months at a time, hoping things would improve but no such luck.

Tempus Fugit

Before I knew it, 13 months had passed by. I’m now another year older and still sheltering in place. It’s starting to feel like I’ve been sucked back into that same old routine. That routine I surrendered everything to get away from. Now is certainly the right time to get moving again. “A rolling stone gathers no moss” and I really feel like I’ve gathered some moss.

Traveling Safely

Covid-19 is still a big problem. However, we live in a big country with a lot to see that doesn’t involve being in largely populated areas. There is still so much that can be accomplished while remaining vigilant about the pandemic. I don’t feel that I am anymore at risk while traveling, than I am in my home town. It doesn’t really matter where we are, we are all pretty much in the same boat. The practices that kept me healthy here should keep me healthy where ever I go.

Thirty Days to Departure

Mid March, 2021 is the planned departure date. I’m both excited and apprehensive. I’ve begun packing and going through my gear to make sure everything is ready to go. I’ve had so many set backs over the last year that I want to guarantee a clean break when the time comes. I can hardly wait to be traveling again. Life has been pretty stagnant and I’m looking forward to a little unpredictability for a change. There are so many adventures and challenges awaiting us out there and I’m looking forward to each and every one.