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Hello and Welcome to Midlife Boon!

Getting older is a unique experience and everyone goes through it in their own way. Many things change and so does the way we view the world. We begin to value different things and reconsider the goals we set for ourselves in our youth. We develop greater bonds and learn to cherish every moment. It’s when we begin to face our own mortality and time becomes one of our most valuable commodities.

AJ on left. Alan on right

We are Alan and AJ. Creators of Midlife Boon. We are two friends that were born and raised in Wisconsin. At vastly different ages but at the same point in time, we decided we wanted more out of life than we were getting.

We feel that retirement comes too late. Even if we are lucky to enough to make it that long, we certainly aren’t going to be able to do all the things we can do now. Many of the things we want to experience just aren’t practical to attempt at that age. Waiting until we were almost dead before we began to live just didn’t sit well with us. It seemed like a horrible waste of our remaining youth.

The American dream just wasn’t working for us any longer. What society deems to be a good life didn’t seem that great to us at all. Burying ones self under a mountain of debt just to acquire all these things we really didn’t need and then committing to a lifetime of servitude in order to pay for it all, seemed like a fool’s errand. So we sold off all the things that cost too much and give too little and set out on a quest to see and experience as much as we can.

We know we’ve made some pretty extreme choices and those choices are not right for everyone. Our hope is very simply that some of the things we do and see will inspire you to get a little more out of your life whenever you can. No matter what age you are. No matter where you live. We only go around once. Make it amazing! We hope you’ll follow us on our journey and maybe even plan an adventure of your own. Happy trails friends!